Explore ~ Engage ~ Experience
The Corktown Experience is to provide a connection between site, history and current life.
  • It is meant that the site should be simple and direct, exposed and engaging.

  • The buildings are core to this connection.

  • Rather than objects just to be observed, viewed and held in reverence, the intent of the renovations/reconstruction is to treat the buildings as inspiration and tools for contemporary experiences.


The Corktown Experience (CE) is a historic cultural center for Corktown and the Greater Detroit community. A place where visitors can choose to participate in tours, exhibits, plays, lectures, readings, video displays, meetings, cooking demonstrations, lesson and craft making. Or the visitors could simply have a cup of coffee and a meal and absorb the activities unfolding around them.


Features of the Site:


The Workers Row House (WRH)

  • Some noticeable details in the restoration and renovations have been chosen by the Row House committee and include:

    • The exterior is restored to the 1850’s design elements.

    • And the Interior of one unit to be restored to its original size/scale and style, including original trim and appointments.

    • The other two units will be modified and can stay that way to accommodate multi uses and interpretations.

    • All rooms will feature space for exhibits, events and meetings. The WRH is original to the site.


The House Next Door (HND)

  • The exterior will be restored to the 1850’s Greek revival design.

  • The interior renovations will be creative and flexible to meet the multiuse needs.

  • This facility will function as hub at the Corktown Experience site.

  • The HND will feature space for exhibits, meetings, casual daily food service, event place, retail shop and offices.

  • The HND will function as the tour center, offering tours of the site and  area. 

  • The functions in this house are designed to sustain the site.

  • This house is not original to the site. It is believed that this house may have been moved to this site from the area of Roosevelt Park.

  • The Pavilion will be an all-weather tent structure intended to expand the site capacity.